Andee Rudloff

Member Since:
June, 2006

Mixed Media


Life is art and art is life. I found very early that my verbal and physical skills were limiting when I attempted to communicate, so I began working on my skills as an artist to better convey my message and meaning in life.

Through study, exploration and time, my skills continue to develop and I am better able to communicate the world that I find myself in.

I work mostly with paint, but do not limit myself to paint, as I feel texture and materials help to convey the story. Art without story is very empty to me. Telling a story and allowing others to be a part of the story is where I find the visual experience the most powerful.

I use images from expressionism, realism, comic books and old advertisements to inspire and shape my work. I am currently reading many books, and finding health and science shaping my thoughts and images into a new form of discovery.

I am a professional artist,educator, muralist, the Gallery Coordinator for the Phoenix Theatre in Kentucky and the Arts at the Airport Curator at the Nashville International Airport.