If you're searching for answers to questions that concern the top rated paper writing services available nowadays on the Internet, you've come to the right place.

Finding the best site for essay writing can be troubling, particularly if you're new to the industry. Initially, it certainly puts more questions than it gives answers. With a little guidance from us, however, you'll gain some perspective on the topic as well as a definitive answer to the classic: "What are some good essay writing services?"

Most common questions:

1. How can I make sure a company is genuine?

Believe it or not, you can tell a fake service from a legit one even by taking a look at its site. The content on low-quality, scammer websites is written with such a broken grammar that it seldom makes any sense at all.

Another sign that you might be dealing with a fraud is the lack of testimonials or the fact that they look forged. How can you tell if they're forged? They're all fantastic. If the content is absolutely despicable, you can rest assured those testimonials are fake.

The websites that request upfront payment should sound the alarm in your head, as well. Legitimate companies never do that. They ask for payment after you've received what you've ordered. Should you pay that upfront fee, you won't see any essay.

2. Are essay writing services legal?

Even though the academia frowns upon them, they are, indeed, legal. Most professors know their students frequently ask for help, anyway. Just make sure you won't be caught, because you're up for a C for not doing your job.

Ethically speaking, perhaps they can be considered "illegal", but not in the sense that, should you order an essay, you'll get cops to your door.

3. How do they work?

All you have to do is find a service that has been proved to be legit and place your order. The process is always the same, regardless of the company you're working with: your order is processed, you tell the service what your requirements are and you'll be notified when it's done.

Afterwards, you'll receive the paper in your mail and you'll pay for it with your credit card. Some aspects may differ from service to service, but not so much as to confuse you all over again. The easiness of collaborating with a paper writing company is what draws students to them in the first place.

4. What if I'm scammed, despite my precautions?

If it happens, don't be silent about it. Write the company a review it's going to remember for years. You don't need to do that on their website (it will probably just be deleted by moderators).

If you're part of a group on Facebook or elsewhere, tell your story to other students, so they know they should never work with that scammer. Being a student is all about solidarity.

Other peers will surely do the same thing for you. And don't lose hope: there's plenty of other services that will cater high-quality papers to you. Just keep searching.